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Eternal Carts

Eternal Carts.

If you are looking for some of the best delta-8 THC vape cartridges, chances are that many of the articles you find online won’t help you much.

Most of them are written by content writers who do not have any experience with delta-8 products. Some of the pages are even influenced by brands that sponsor for their placement in the article.

Eternal carts

They may even recommend things that you don’t need.

The following list of products, i.e., delta-8 THC carts has actually been tried and tested by our team. Instead of sample packs, we tried the actual product to determine the rankings along with taking the help of customer reviews.

So, instead of believing in half-truths, take a look at the real deal.

We started by crafting a lengthy list of the delta-8 THC carts that are the most popular in the current market. Due to the popularity of delta-8, our list grew lengthy.

After researching every brand, their source of hemp, the method of extracting the compound, third-party lab tests, and customer reviews, we shortlisted only those which met our stringent standards.

After that, we cut down the list even further to get the top five names of delta-8 carts, which you will get in this article.

What We Looked For

We looked at every brand and its products for:

Hemp source

Manufacturing processes & whether the facilities meet FDA guidelines

Whether the company gets its products tested by a third-party lab and makes the results available to customers on the website

The effectiveness of the product

The delta-9 THC content in the product

Whether the brand offers conclusive information on the delta-8 vape cart, the way it works, its benefits, any side effects, etc.

The overall reputation of the brand and the customer reviews

After going through all the above-mentioned criteria and factors, we present you with our top five delta-8 carts featuring the topmost reputable brands and their products.

Eternal carts

Based in Los Angeles, California, Exhale Wellness comprises a “tribe of cannabis pioneers,” as they like to call themselves, with years of experience in farming and producing organic food.

Coming from different walks of life, these growers, scientists, and cannabis aficionados have one vision —to help people live wholesome lives by benefiting from nature.

Exhale Wellness has taken its philosophy of “Nature Holds The Key To Wellness” quite seriously, which is why it took pains to deep dive into some intensive research to unleash the natural benefits of organic hemp.

So, to offer people a safe and healthy alternative to conventional medicine, the brand started doing extensive and intensive R&D into the therapeutic properties of hemp plants.

It also tapped into the natural environmental advantages of Colorado’s rocky mountainous terrain to breed the best hemp strains.

Exhale Wellness improved upon the existing hemp-production technologies to manufacture exceptional quality delta-8 products.

Note that this brand doesn’t make or sell any other cannabinoid product except delta-8 THC. It has literally perfected the process of delivering the best, most potent, and safest method of delta-8 delivery.

Its products are entirely vegan and organic, along with being free from dairy, gluten, and gelatin. Exhale Wellness’ products don’t contain any artificial coloring or flavoring.

Through its website and other initiatives, the brand endeavors to make people aware of the different hemp-based natural healing processes and benefits.

All its products are third-party lab-tested, making them pure, clean, and potent.



  • Natural, 100% organic, non-GMO, and vegan
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • High-quality & natural hemp-based flavors of cartridges
  • The brand specializes in delta-8 products
  • Good reputation, well-loved by consumers
  • Third-party lab-tested products

Adequate information on the natural benefits of hemp and delta-8 and dosage are available on the website


  • Available only in one D-8 strength
  • Some information on the founders should have been available on the website
  • We wish there was also a blog


Multiple Variants: Exhale’s D-8 carts are available in ten different flavors, thanks to the various strains of hemp used for this category of products.

From Fruity Cereal to Jack Herer, from OG Kush to Gorilla Glue, it has a set of ten excellent options to choose from.

Organic, Premium-Quality Products: The delta-8 THC cartridge contains broad-spectrum hemp extracts, obtained through the CO2 extraction process.

These products have high levels of delta-8 THC to ensure potent effects.

The products are 100% natural, organic, and vegan. These delta-8 THC carts are lab-tested, ensuring they contain no GMO, contaminants, additives or preservatives, synthetic ingredients, or delta-9 THC.

Natural Flavors: With Exhale carts, you will get only the most refined — yet natural — different flavors of various hemp strains.

The brand does not believe in adding artificial flavors or colors to up its game. It believes in the purity of nature.

So, you can rest assured that with this brand’s vape carts, you will get nothing but natural-flavored vapors.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: The brand does not accept returns if you have not at least tried its products.

This is why it only takes requests for returns or refunds after 30 days of purchase. But note that you have 15 days until the offer expires.

Also, it only accepts returns on unopened products, for which Exhale also offers to pay for the return shipping.

Customer Experience: A lot of people seemed to have benefited from using Exhale’s vape carts.

They said these products calmed and refocused their mind, relaxed their body, and helped them get a good night’s sleep.

Some even found relief from anxiety and depression after using these delta-8 THC carts.



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