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Jetty Extracts

Jetty Extracts

Jetty Extracts.

We got a variety to try of both Indica and Sativa, and unlike other extracts, Jetty’s provide a lot of flavor, which often seem to get lost in processing.

If you didn’t know, these terpines do have some relation to the overall effect of cannabis use. To me it is important that these are not lost in the processing.

The clarity of the oil, is beautiful, completely transparent, and a rich golden color. The texture is not stable, it is an viscous oil, which works well for both dabs and pens.

Jetty Extracts

PURE Pre filled Cartridges

We got two of these. We love the design of these THC oil cartridges, that are refillable by pulling off the mouth piece, and removing a small plug.

(Though designed for “one time use” you can usually get a few good runs out of one) Unfortunately the small tanks aren’t very tough, so do not forget you have this in your pocket!

They come in nice little tube style containers, inside of which is a little bag, holding the cartridge safely. If you obtain one, the Jetty battery screws into a small usb charger, so you can easily charge almost anywhere.

The battery itself is slim, with no buttons, which makes for simple use. During testing we abused this battery and found it lasts quite a long time considering its small size, and you get a nice sized hit as long as your battery has a decent charge.

The battery charges quickly, and is usually ready to go in about half an hour.

Cannabis Liquid Refill Vials

You can use this to refill with any “vape pen” that takes e-juice. The applicator is nice, however the bottle itself isn’t very sturdy and even in its neat little box, ended up leaking in transit.

Jetty Extracts

Love the extract, please try to improve the cap in order to avoid losing precious oil.

The Dablicator

I love this thing. It clicks up like a lip gloss tube, and has a metal application tip, You can dab right on your nail with this, however don’t let it get too hot, as this is still made of plastic.

It’s a great way to dab on the go, but I wouldn’t keep it in my pockets, as its still extract and could get runny.

Two design flaws noted during the review process were: 1. The metal tip is glued on, and comes off the plastic easy, it would be better if it screwed on. 2.

The cap could use a internal plug to plug up the tip, as lipgloss has, to prevent leakage. Other than those two concerns, this is an awesome product for on the go.

Bottom Line

Jetty Extracts makes quality extracts, and some neat applications such as the Dablicator, which with a few minor improvements could lead the way into cleaner, more efficient medical use.

The packaging is gorgeous. The vape pen and refills are comparable to much more expensive models and products.

I remember Jetty Extracts cartridges from a few years back. These days, they no longer use the wick draw system of old but the preferred c-cell design. It’s the slim style that doesn’t come to close to the outer glass.

At the base are four evenly spaced absorption holes. Their positioning at the very bottom ensures very little oil residue left over.

One thing I do not remember from the old style cartridges is such fantastic flavor and potency. It’s possible that my memory is just fading, but the Jetty Extracts Gold cartridges seem much better in this regard.

Despite a few issues with packaging and labeling, these are fine cartridges indeed.

Jetty Extracts

The Jetty Extracts Gold Maui Wowie is full of flavor & true to strain

With all the different cross-breeds of Maui Wowie, we can only say that the flavor hits home. Tropical reminiscents of Hawaii burst over your palate with hints of citrus, earth, and pineapple.

Jetty Extracts Gold Maui Wowie is strong and it doesn’t take much of a vape to enjoy the full flavor.

Jetty Extracts Gold Maui Wowie packs a potent punch at 88.36% THC

The potency of the Jetty Extracts Maui Wowie is up there and effects set in fast. Energy and a positive vibe result after a single draw from this cartridge.

Like other premium carts, the packaging provides percentages as well as levels by mg. The .5-gram Maui Wowie cart has 441.8 mg of THC and no CBD.

Jetty carts are durable and include a comfortable wooden mouthpiece

Jetty Extracts Gold cartridges start with the usual 510 threads at the bottom. Above that is their seagull logo with a green border that covers the ignition system.

Next is a strong glass tube with the ceramic center and metal drawtube inside. Above the glass tube is a metal ring and then a smooth wooden mouthpiece. The mouthpiece does not unscrew making the cart non-refillable.

Carts come with a tamper-proof seal

Jetty Extract Gold cartridges use a sticker as a tamper-proof seal which isn’t that sticky. It would be easy to peel it off and get to the cart inside, then reapply it later.

The package is a cylinder that you twist and lift to open. A small gunny sack with drawstrings on the inside holds the actual cartridge.



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